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The town of Monrovia’s leaders have worked diligently this past year to accomplish an extensive list of achievements and reach many milestones for the community in 2022. Michael Conner, the EDC appointment for the Town of Monrovia, outlined some of the town’s successes over the past year.

Adopted the Monrovia Comprehensive Plan (12/28/21)
Adopted the new Unified Development Ordinance
Completed the 1st ever cleaning/televising of the Town’s sewer lines.
Completed the process for and achieved INDOT approval of the CCMG Program – road improvement in Latta addition to occur in 2023.
Offer accepted for new Town Government Center (United Methodist Church). Need to secure financing. Projected to occupy the new Govt. Center by spring of 2023.
Prepared and adopted updated ADA Compliance and Title VI Implementation Plans
Established the Town Park & Recreation Board – very excited to see what lies ahead for the 4-acre Town Park property as well as the 2 parcels adjacent to the new Govt. Center
Established the Town Redevelopment Commission – awaiting appointment of members.
Near completion of Town Logo / Motto contest (numerous submissions received)
Established iamGIS account and are continuing to layer into GIS all Town utility (sewer, water, electric, manhole, storm drain, streetlights, fire hydrants, etc.)
Eagle Pointe Development to begin in 2023.
All but 5 homes constructed in Homestead Section 7
Homestead Section 8 construction commenced – to be completed in 2023.
Homestead Section 9A1 construction to begin in 2023.
Relinquished the Buffer Zone back to the County.
Anticipated to commence with the expansion of the WWTP in 2023
In the process of finalizing the policy/process for Ordinance Violations Bureau enforcement
Survived the IDEM inspection of the WWTP.
Completed the redistricting, necessitated by the 2020 Census data.
Established a Capital Asset Policy/Program and are near finalization of the Capital Asset Plan/Ledger
Establishing a Design & Review Committee/Board (under the PC)
Establishing a Town Utility Committee
Establishing a Town Public Works Committee
Survived a mass exodus from our Police Dept. without compromising the safety of the citizens/travelers.
Potential INDOT Reconstruction activity at the SR 39 / SR 42 intersection
Commenced development of a 5-year plan for the Town (in light of all that is outlined above)

Of course, not included above is the normal day-to-day operations and actions that keep the Town humming. Monrovia continues to grow and develop the community with a full schedule of activities ahead for 2023.