Morgan County puts you in the middle of 1.2 million workers

Morgan County puts you in the middle of 1.2 million workers

We have a workforce that is ready for you

Morgan County, Indiana is at the center of a 50-mile labor shed that’s home to more than 1.2 million hard-working, highly skilled individuals. Central Indiana has a long tradition of agriculture, manufacturing, and industries in which hard work and a job well done were valued, and that’s the environment that guides today’s workforce.

Our communities stem the pressures of worker outmigration by keeping them strong through a public-school system that’s focused on delivering the knowledge and skills young people need to play key, productive roles. Local school districts work closely with employers in our county to ensure that the right skills are being delivered and offer Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses to provide an affordable head start for postsecondary learning.

That attitude continues throughout high school and beyond. Ivy Tech Community College, Vincennes University, and the Area 31 Career Center introduce students to fields with strong demand, including robotics, engineering, CNC machining and programming, robotics, welding, production, logistics, agribusiness, crop production, and medical programs. These education providers also instill the soft skills today’s employers seek.

Indiana, a longtime right-to-work state, offers generous incentive programs to help employers offset the cost of specialized training. Many training programs can be presented at employer locations, offering an economical way to share skills with large numbers of workers.